Wednesday 15 December 2010

Brain Storm 2 | Session and Angie from Scrap Brain sit down with Curators and Jump: Press A in the Fresh Air studio for interviews, live acoustic sessions, and a chat about Brain Storm 2 this Friday 17 Dec 2010.

Myke Hall

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Event: Brain Storm Strikes Back

After the unmitigated success of the first Brain Storm, we're back on the 17th of December with our buddies at Bainbridge for the sequel, this time at the lovely Wee Red Bar. Once again we're joined by two of our favourite Scottish bands, it's going to be a hell of a night.

Our headliners are Curators, whose powerful, uniquely Scottish brand of anthemic rock has been given the thumbs up by ...Vic Galloway, Jim Gellatly and Is This Music? to name but a few. They describe their debut record Is This A Private Fight? as "a record bursting with ten noisy pop songs about conflict, love, belief, anger, disappointment and optimism that are uniquely Scottish but also universal, without ever sounding contrived". If you don't believe the hype, listen to it yourself.

That's what I thought. Curators are going places and this is your chance to say you were there at the start.

"Anthemic stadium rock"
- Vic Galloway, Radio 1

"Crazy power pop/rock, heaps of energy"
- Infectious Records

The gig is put together by Scrap Brain. SB have broken onto the scene with unique swagger and power, injecting an intense sexual energy back into rock 'n' roll. With a tirelessly passionate and energetic live performance that makes other bands look tame by comparison, Scrap Brain are raw, noisy, dirty, sexy, glitzy, cybergrunge played harder and louder than anyone else.

Download their music:

"Scrap Brain have emerged fully-formed onto the local live scene, with armfuls of attitude and tunes that are classic examples of that loud quiet loud thing. Ones to watch out for, definitely."
- Edinburgh Spotlight

"Scrap Brain are one of my favourite bands by far."
- New Found Sound

"Scrap Brain fizz with New York cool, think The Kills and Jon Spencer's bastard love child."
- Little Doses

Also with us are the quirky, brilliant Jump: Press A - despite being a 6-piece, J:PA have established themselves as one of the tightest live bands in Edinburgh. I don't even know how to describe the experience, so I'll let them do it for me: "The lovechild of Shirley Manson and Delores O'Riordan, thrust through a raging multi layered pop-maelstrom of drums, bass, keys, guitars and close harmonies"- that sounds about right. With effortless hooks, a flawless rhythm section, and powerful songwriting, Jump: Press A are a genuinely unique live experience: you NEED to see these guys.

Jump: Press A are also recording the gig for a live CD, which will be available inthe new year.

Download their EP In Case Of Emergency

"A melody-fuelled juggernaut with the accelerator rammed to the floor...tight, talented, they know their way round a tune"
- Edinburgh Spotlight

Tickets are £3 in advance from Great Junction Street Music Studios, or from the bands, and a fiver on the door- and this promises to be worth every penny.