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After three and a bit years, is no longer publishing. We've moved to Glasgow, and you can find the next chapter of the adventure at Unaccredited Media.

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Monday 12 March 2012

A Fight You Can't Win | Track-By-Track

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Noisy four-piece A Fight You Can't Win join Myke of live on-air in the studio to go track-by-track through their upcoming EP, Every Last Breath, and discuss some of their favourite bands from their hometown Edinburgh.

Some strong language.
Myke Hall 

Thursday 16 February 2012 Studio Sessions 2010-11

Now you can download the individual acoustic tracks performed live on-air at in Sessions over the last two years. At the time this article is being published, this includes: Donna Maciocia, Death Trap City, Curators and Jump: Press A.

Myke Hall & Stewart McLachlan

Saturday 21 January 2012

Green Eyed Goodbye - The Remnant Kings: Track-By-Track

Lead singer of rock-blues outfit The Remnant Kings, Rich Paxton, goes track-by-track through the band's debut EP, Green Eyed Goodbye, after performing an acoustic set with his band at their monthly live music club 'Sink or Swim' at The Caley Sample Room.

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Track list:
  1. Green Eyed Monster Blues
  2. Take the Money and Run
  3. Scapa Flow
  4. Pictures of Miles

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Donna Maciocia | Session

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Dark romantic pianist and former Amplifico singer Donna Maciocia joins Myke and Stew of in the studio for a track-by-track discussion of her new EP Fists at the Sky. Also, chat about her Mashup Session with Mike Kearny Ka-Tet, and then gives a live exclusive ukelele performance.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Long Time Coming - Precious & Grace

Precious & Grace are something of an oddity amongst Edinburgh's younger bands. Their approach to pop-infused rock music with big choruses doesn't subscribe to "the current sound" in the way similarly aged Scottish guitar bands do, with a distinctly American slant that has been more or less constant since their inception years ago, despite this EP being their first major release.

Curiously, with Long Time Coming the band are drawing from their newest material, despite having amassed a considerable repertoire over time. It weighs in at a lean 12 minutes, and of its three tracks, two are brand new ones that few had heard prior to their release, certainly a bold creative decision.

Opener All America Long more or less summarizes the record- a big chorus with big echoing guitars, well-placed harmonies and twinkles of piano. It's an interestingly meticulous pop song, with various melodic and rhythmic twists that work really well. The band's songwriting is the most prevalent strong point of the EP- it's refreshing when young musicians punch above their weight, and unashamedly aim for the classic rock highs a lot of their peers would be too nervous to even dream of. And for the most part, it works well.

Generally speaking, this EP is a commendably mature and self-confident work that stands on its own two feet, regardless of the age of the musicians that crafted it. The hallmarks of a young band still trying to find their feet are visible throughout, however, with all manner of devices being experimented with underneath the unifying musical palette. From shameless wah guitar solos to gang chants, it feels as though Precious & Grace still aren't 100% sure exactly what they want to be. However, the musical output speaks for itself, and as a solid release and indicator of future potential, Long Time Coming is a successful debut.

Stewart McLachlan

Wednesday 19 October 2011

High Five: Roberta Banana (Red Dog Music / The Banana Sessions / Unpeeled)

High Five is a brand new feature where gives a "high five" to people we think are doing an awesome job at promoting great Edinburgh music, by asking them to share their top five tunes by local artists, and why they love them.

Smashing the proverbial bottle on the proverbial bow of this feature's maiden voyage is Roberta Pia (aka Roberta Banana). Roberta (pictured) is frontwoman and co-songwriter of "Acid Skiffle" quintet The Banana Sessions, and is the organiser and promoter of musical showcases Unpeeled at The Jazz Bar. In her role as in-house "Dog Evangelist" (marketing?) for musical instrument shop Red Dog Music, she's launched and now edits The Dog magazine, The Red Dog Blog, and has organised regular live events including Hair of the Dog Sundays and The Dog Show. Most recently, Roberta has joined three-part harmony vocal outfit The Bevvy Sisters. Here she gives us her High Five:

Sunshine is one of these tunes that can bring a whole room together. What I like most about it is its simplicity; one verse, one bridge and one chorus. And repeat. And repeat again, if you feel like it. To hear a recording of this song doesn’t really do it justice; it needs to be heard live and with a bunch of people singing along with it. The lyrics are perfect because they encapsulate a moment that everybody can relate to - that moment where you take a look around you and realise that everything is ace and you’re exactly where you want to be. Maybe you’re stoned. Maybe you’re not. Take it literally, take it metaphorically, take it whatever way you like; it’s a tune that, by the last chorus, everyone will be singing along with a massive grin on their face. And I mean everyone.

2. Super Adventure ClubTommy Sheridan
I love everything about Super Adventure Club, and I think this song says everything that you need to know about them, especially when you see then perform it live. I’ve no idea what most of the lyrics are, but when I do happen to catch them, they come and give me a proverbial punch in the chop. I think what’s amazing about SAC is that they’re mental, and their music is mental, and when you watch people’s faces as they watch SAC live, they almost have a look of wild bewilderment; widened eyes infused with a crazed smile. This tune is hilarious and manic and totally rockin’ and I’m pretty sure, this one time, I saw somebody’s face melt off somewhere around the 1 minute 50 second mark.

3. Austen GeorgeOn My Way
I watched two grown heterosexual men fall in love with Austen George once during one of his live shows. Funnily enough, it happened while he was singing this song. On My Way is probably the most heart-melting song I’ve ever heard. It’s a combination of a fantastic chord structure, a hypnotizing melody, a beautiful voice and lyrics that will tug at even the thickest of heart-strings. Honestly, I could say the same thing about every single one of Austen’s songs. You can hear bits of The Beatles in all of them (right up my cuppa tea) but with the magical Austen George touch deeply embedded. I said it once, I’ll say it again, and I’d even say it again after that - he’s magic. Go see him live and I challenge your legs not to turn to jelly. In fact, I dare you.

4. Donna Maciocia - The Nothing & The Numb
The first time I heard this song, it totally floored me. I must have listened to it hundreds of times now and it still has exactly the same effect. I've watched rooms of people go completely silent to this song. I even saw a standing ovation for it once; it's THAT good. I've never heard another piece of music like it before and to see it live is pure mind-blowing. It's the vulnerability of the lyrics that draws you in at first and then, once its lured you in, it begins to soak you in really beautiful harmonies and it layers and layers and it layers and suddenly you'll find yourself completely overwhelmed by how powerful it is. It's pretty loop pedal reliant so you really have to see it in action to "feel the full effect of this" Moochacha classic but I can almost promise you that by the end, you'll be totally speechless and probably in need of a big cuddle. What a tune.

5. Stanley OddBroken Has Morning
Stanley Odd’s newest EP The Day I Went Deaf is probably the best record I’ve heard this year. The beats seem to be getting heavier as time goes by, which, in my book, is nothing but a good thing (what can I say, I was raised musically on The Fugees and The Prodigy). My personal stand-out track on this EP is Broken Has Morning - the moment I heard this tune, I fell head over heels in love with it. It’s beautiful and pure filth in equal measures (and by pure filth, I mean pure bangin’). It makes me want to throw shapes on the dancefloor at the same time as sit back, relax and get high, so high. It’s the last 52 seconds that get me the most... I find the mix of the thumping, crackly beats and the ascending, heavenly chords a little overwhelming. One word: goosebumps.

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