Sunday 5 September 2010

Talk To Our Management...

It seems lately that bands all over the shop are hooking up with aspiring industry professionals to be their managers. It’s beneficial for the unsigned band to get someone with experience and contacts involved who can help them push their career forward, and take some of the nasty admin off their hands. It’s beneficial for the new managers to get closer to the new music, and add band management to the list of skills on their CVs. has taken a look at some of the recent announcements, and discussed the bands with their new managers.

Manager: Lloyd Meredith
Known for: Peenko, Scottish new music blog

“The initial plan had always been to try and put a record out with them, but as they had already been snapped up a new label called 'stand & wave', that idea was put to bed. It was actually just after seeing RM Hubbert play for the first time that I suggested to Boab [of CiW] that I could manage the band.”

“If I could use any of knowledge or contacts to help them out then I wanted to help them in any way that I could. I guess that I am taking a slight risk on my reputation by doing so, but I have that much conviction and belief in the guys that I am more than willing to take that risk.”

Band: Hold The Suspect
Manager: David Easdale
Known for: Gap Radio, Internet radio station

“After years of experience working with young bands throughout Scotland, I was approached by a band I had worked with on many occasions - Hold The Suspect - A young but talented quatro of electro prog rock to be their manager.”

“A lot of people say 'You don't need to like the band, to manage them' but this is far from the case. The satisfaction you get from helping a band make it in life is indescribable.”

Band: Underclass
Manager: Bainbridge Music (Chris and Angus)
Known for: Great Junction Street Music Studios and Bainbridge Presents...

“They can dovetail with a number of current "scenes" without ever being pigeonholed which, from a business perspective, is an extremely useful marketing tool.”
“When we started, if we had sat down and asked, "what can we offer a band", the answer would be very little, other than top quality rehearsal space of course! Now, we have 2 years experience working at the coalface of the local music scene and can use the insight, knowledge and contacts to develop the band and take them on to the next level and beyond.”

Band: Juan Pablo
Manager: El Parks
Known for: Is This Music? writer, gig promoter

“When it became apparent that I was acquiring a number of their gigs for them, I approached them with the idea of making me their personal/general manger and since then we have worked together on a number of gigs and projects.”
“I see Juan Pablo as my little brothers and I want every success for them, and being their manager I try to do all I can to make that happen.”

Band: The Remnant Kings
Manager: Gary Tait
Known For: Leith Festival, Ginger Music Promotions

“I feel as though the band know where they want to go, which means that we get a collective idea as to what to do next for the band. I am also looking forward to recording the EP and being able to get our music out there with some great recordings.”

“I have known the band for over two years now, and due to that had a good understanding of their talents before I was asked to manage them... Their songs are very smart, the choruses on all of the songs stick in your head after you have listened to them, which is a great thing for picking up new fans.”

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