Sunday 6 March 2011

News: New Releases Mar 2011

Keyboard-fronted trio The Marvels release their new single on 18 March 2011. With a title from a Japanese video game mistranslation internet meme, 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' is a moody punk foot-stomper with a piano riff that is the sleek European monorail to rock and roll’s clanky steam engine. The track will be available for download on iTunes and Spotify and the B side is catchy New Romantic-inspired ‘Kisses and Breathing’.

Following their critically successful 2009 EP, Sleepless Nights, Homework are back with a new single, 'Why Oh Why' released 23 Feb 2010. 500 copies will be available as a free download in exchange for an email address until 31st March when it goes on general digital release.

Psycho-rock duo Birdhead drop their debut EPTalons’ on 16 March 2011 with a launch party at Electric Circus. Edinburgh bands Emelle and The Young Spooks, plus DJ Kris Wasabi (Wasabi Disco), will support.

Band/Arts collective FOUND release their new single, 'Machine Age Dancing', on 7 March 2011, ahead of their new album, 'Factorycraft', on 14 March 2011. These will be the group’s inaugural releases through legendary Scottish indie label Chemikal Underground, with whom they signed a deal in September 2010. These releases are available to preorder now on the Chemikal Underground online shop. Both releases will be available on vinyl or MP3 download, and Factorycraft is also available on CD.

Prog rockers Underclass released their double A side single ‘Bruised Eyes’ / ‘Sheep’ on vinyl on 26 February 2011. The record is available now at Great Junction St Music Studios for £5 and comes with a download code for the MP3 version.

The new Stanley Odd EPPure Antihero Material’ is available from 21 February 2011 from the six-piece rap collective’s Bandcamp page. CDs can be ordered for £3 while stocks last (400), and they come with a free signed A2 sized band poster. The songs are also available in MP3 form, but at a higher cost of £3.95.

Finally, Supermarionation’s EPOn The Fly’ is out now and available for £4 on CD through their website, or at Edinburgh’s Avalanche Records or Elvis Shakespeare for £2.99.

Myke Hall

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  1. Really like the Marvels new song. Looking forward to hopefully catching them at the Usher Hall with Jakil in May. Should be good.