Monday 15 March 2010

News: Edinburgh in March 2010

Orange Slice Records presents Pensioner live at Sneaky Pete's on 17 March 2010 in support of their debut self-titled EP, out now. Their mathy rock sounds tracks the epic voyage of four musical journeyman individuals and their rock odyssey... or at least that's what their PR would have us believe. Support comes from the dazzling Bronto Skylift and completing the bill are the criss-crossing guitars of Edinburgh veterans Degrassi and Curators.

A week later, Sneaky Pete's will be host to Edinburgh's own Night Noise Team. The 'France pop meets 80s rock' band will perform on 27 March 2010, promoting their new single, 'Menolick' (pictured right), which has already been talked about by Lamacq on 6Music, Radio 1 and other stations and podcasters.
Myke Hall

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