Monday 8 November 2010

Promo: Open Til Midnight

Open Til Midnight is a downloadable pre-recorded webcast featuring a Scotsman and a Californian talking about local music and mainstream movies. It is presented by music journalist, musician and promoter Myke Hall, head writer and webmaster of, and California-born Danielle Mattison, music lover, editor/photographer for and walking IMDB.

The Open Til Midnight webcast began as a forum for Myke and Danielle’s obsessive natters about movies, and a showcase of local music tracks. The show has since expanded to include downloadable alternative DVD commentaries and festival reviews, recorded on location. All episodes of the show are currently available to download or stream at

Now Open Til Midnight can now also be heard live on Fresh Air, Edinburgh’s student radio station. In addition to the usual movie reviews and discussion, the live show will also play host to local bands live in the studio for interviews and acoustic sets, and the latest movie news.

Open Til Midnight is broadcast on Fresh Air’s streaming media service (, every Tuesday from 17:00 to 18:00, and will also be available for streaming and download from one week after the live broadcast.

You can also keep up with Open Til Midnight on Facebook or Twitter.

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